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святой, целый, цель, поцелуй, исцелять, здоровый

hell (n.) Look up hell at
O.E. helhelle, "nether world, abode of the dead, infernal regions," from P.Gmc. *haljo "the underworld" (cf. O.Fris. helle, Du. hel, O.N. hel, Ger. Hölle, Goth. halja "hell") "the underworld," lit. "concealed place" (cf. O.N. hellir"cave, cavern"), from PIE *kel- "to cover, conceal, save" (see cell). 

The English word may be in part from O.N. Hel (from P.Gmc. *halija "one who covers up or hides something"), in Norse mythology the name of Loki's daughter, who rules over the evil dead in Niflheim, the lowest of all worlds (nifl "mist"). Transfer of a pagan concept and word to a Christian idiom. In M.E., also of the Limbus Patrum, place where the Patriarchs, Prophets, etc. awaited the Atonement. Used in the KJV for Old Testament HebrewSheol and New Testament Greek HadesGehenna. Used figuratively for "state of misery, any bad experience" since at least late 14c. As an expression of disgust, etc., first recorded 1670s. 
cell (n.) Look up cell at 
early 12c., "small room," from L. cella "small room, store room, hut," related to L. celare "to hide, conceal," from PIE root *kel- "conceal" (cf. Skt. cala "hut, house, hall;" Gk. kalia "hut, nest," kalyptein "to cover," koleon"sheath," kelyphos "shell, husk;" L. clam "secret;" O.Ir. cuile "cellar," celim "hide," M.Ir. cul "defense, shelter;" Goth. hulistr "covering," O.E. heolstor "lurking-hole, cave, covering," Goth. huljan "cover over," hulundi "hole,"hilms "helmet," halja "hell," O.E. hol "cave," holu "husk, pod"). 

ЦЕЛИТЬ. Общеслав. Суф. про изводное от цѣль "целый" (ѣ > е). Родственно нем. heilen "лечить, исцелять".
ЦЕЛЫЙ. Общеслав. Того же корня, что готск. hails "здоровый", др.-прус. kailūstiskan "здоровье". Целый < *cělъ, буквально — "здоровый".
heal (v.) Look up heal at
O.E. hælan "cure; save; make whole, sound and well," from P.Gmc. *hailjan (cf. O.S. helian, O.N. heila, O.Fris. hela, Du. helen, Ger. heilen, Goth. ga-hailjan "to heal, cure"), lit. "to make whole" (see health). Related: Healed;healing.
holy (adj.) Look up holy at
O.E. halig "holy, consecrated, sacred, godly," from P.Gmc. *hailaga- (cf. O.N. heilagr, O.Fris. helich "holy," O.S. helag, M.Du. helich, O.H.G. heilag, Ger. heilig, Goth. hailags "holy"). Adopted at conversion for L. sanctus

Primary (pre-Christian) meaning is not possible to determine, but probably it was "that must be preserved whole or intact, that cannot be transgressed or violated," and connected with O.E. hal (see health) and O.H.G. heil"health, happiness, good luck" (source of the German salutation Heil). Holy water was in Old English. Holy has been used as an intensifying word from 1837; used in expletives since 1880s (e.g. holy smoke, 1883, holy mackerel, 1876, holy cow, 1914, holy moly etc.), most of them euphemisms for holy Christ or holy Moses.
 health (n.) Look up health at Dictionary.comO.E. hælþ "wholeness, a being whole, sound or well," from P.Gmc. *hailitho, from PIE *kailo- "whole, uninjured, of good omen" (cf. O.E. hal "hale, whole;" O.N. heill "healthy;" O.E. halig, O.N. helge "holy, sacred;" O.E. hælan "to heal"). Of physical health in Middle English, but also "prosperity, happiness, welfare; preservation, safety."
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