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русско-японская война 1904-1905

предложения России:
Манчжурия находится под контролем России, а Корею поделить пополам с Японией.

предложения Японии:
Манчжурия находится под контролем России, а Корея под полным контролем Японии.

англосаксонские происки:
договор Британии с Японией об обороне, значительная военная и технологическая помощь ,
а также финансовая и дипломатическая поддержка Японии американцами

In 1904
Jacob Schiff extended a critical series of loans to the Empire of Japan in the amount of $200 million. He was willing to extend this loan due, in part, to his belief that gold is not as important as national effort and desire, in helping win a war, and due to the apparent underdog status of Japan at the time; no European nation had yet been defeated by a non-European nation in a modern, full-scale war. It is quite likely Schiff also saw this loan as a means of avenging, on behalf of the Jewish people, the anti-Semitic actions of the Tsarist regime, specifically the then-recent pogroms in Kishinev.[18]

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