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Украина: реальность и фантазии

бандиты из "Свободы" избивают главу "Первого Национального" канала Украины
за прямую трансляцию Послания Путина о воссоединении Крыма с Россией

на майдане опять жгут покрышки и требуют "решительного отпора русским оккупантам"
США закрыли посольство Сирии (видимо собрались взять реванш там)

Фантазии из Оклахомы:
русские идут насиловать Украину - The Rape of Ukraine

The Russians are coming,
Pass the word.
They are finishing raping Ukraine,
Whispering to her ear about the fraternal love
Between two nations.

There are no nukes,
But only trust
To the words of the Mighty Three
Whose promises were made to be broken
Amidst the anguish.

Those, to whom we gave Tchaikovsky, Gogol, and Glinka,
Prefer the taste of Crimea;
Kremlin’s fascists
Force Goebbels turn in his grave
In envy of their splendid fables:
The worse is the lie,
The better the world believes it.

The Chamberlain’s lesson
Is not learned.
The nations forgot:
It is impossible to satisfy the abyss
By feeding it with specks
Of Crimea or Sudetenland.

So, the world,
When the ecstasy of tamerlanian orgasm
Is gone,
And raped Ukraine is crucified
On the Maundy Thursday of the Europe,
Put some make-up on your daughters and mothers:
The Russians are coming.
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