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BBC о страшной русской пропаганде и Дугине

As the West threatens further sanctions against Russia over Ukraine, critics are warning the message being pumped out by nationalist Russian media is reminiscent of the propaganda produced in the Soviet Union.


A detached enjoyment, as though this orgy of Russian patriotism carries no consequences, so there is no point in thinking where it might lead.

To be fair, lots of people are watching events unfold on TV.

The sheer volume of different state controlled channels is overwhelming.


Up on the Sparrow Hills, on the fourth floor of the sociology department of Moscow University, is a room marked Centre for Conservative Research.

This is the office of Professor Alexander Dugin who welcomes sanctions because he wants Russia to split with the West. He also thinks President Putin should and will invade eastern Ukraine.

Once a fringe figure, he is now seen as the ideologue at the heart of Russia's new conservatism. His long grey beard makes him look like Solzhenitsyn - another Russian thinker who wanted to reunite all Slavic-speaking lands.

But Alexander Dugin speaks the language of postmodernism not religion and his focus is politics not spirituality.

On his desk, among the books and half drunk coffee cups, are not icons but a roll of the black and orange striped ribbons, used by rebels in eastern Ukraine to denote their loyalty to Russia.
запад неизлечимо болен.
болен психически
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